What a massive year 2017 has been.

If I thought 2016 was a roller coaster, then 2017 is a rocket ship to the moon!

Countless friends made.

8,000 photos taken.

11 music festivals attended.

4 foreign countries visited.

2 jobs quit.

1 crazy year! 

When I decided to journey abroad, I did not think I would find myself back in the states within just a short three months. My plans included backpacking through SouthEast Asia and then heading to Australia before heading over to South America. Well, that all changed when I learned one important lesson.

So what was that important lesson?

(Prepare for cheesy quote)

You have to do what makes YOU happy. Yes, traveling has made me happy but when I went to plan where to go after Vietnam the only thing I could think of that would make me happier than what I had experienced over the past 4 months was the idea of surprising my family for the holidays. So that’s exactly what I did! Oh boy, was the look on my mom’s face totally worth it.

What do you do at a crossroads?

(Sorry, more cheese coming your way)

Follow your heart. So the main reason I decided to come home the day I did was that I found a very, very cheap flight on the day my visa was expiring. I thought “Oh this is a sign that I should go back to the States!” But then the idiot in me took over. Despite glancing over the email countless times, I for some reason got it in my head that my flight was at 10am. Upon arriving at the airport at 7am, I was shocked to find that it was in fact at 7:55am. Unfortunately for me, it was a small airline that already had all of its counter staff on the plane. Even more tragic, this small airline also has a policy where if you miss your flight you are SOL. Excuse the inappropriate gesture, but here is actual footage from that morning…


I had completely lost my ticket (yes no change for a small fee, no option of another flight, nada, zippo, sorry sucker). So I was at a crossroads. “Is this a sign that I’m meant to stay?” I sat there for almost two hours trying to decide what to do (and also sobering up from the night before). After much back and forth I finally decided to bite the bullet and just purchase a new ticket home. I could have stayed (and probably found a cheaper ticket at a later date). I could have gone back to Thailand and spent more time with the beautiful people I met in Vietnam. Every time I went to make a plan B, I couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting to be home. So I followed my heart.

Home is where the pug is

While I am only three days in (and most of those have been spent sleeping because of damn jetlag), I feel like I made the right decision. Of course, I know I would have been the time of my life if I had stayed but I am so happy to get to spend some invaluable time with my family (especially since I don’t plan on staying here long). I can also finally post some of those thousands of photos I have!