A night at the Roxbury

After barely recovering from Okeechobee where I slept in a tent, danced for ten plus hours a day,  and acquiried blisters that made me look like I had walked on hot coals, I decided to continue to put my body through the ringer and participate in the worlds largest pub crawl where over 20,000 people descend onto Charlotte’s downtown and epicenter. In matching shirts.



This a is at one of my favorite bars in Charlotte: the Roxbury. And yes it is named/themed after the movie night at the Roxbury complete with an arcade and screens everywhere displaying everything from clips from the movie to Richard Simmons workout videos.

Upstairs you’re like “yeah this is a cool place I totally love the 90s!”Then you get down stairs and you’re like “holy shit when did I decide to go to a frat party in basement?!”….but alas the 90s hits blast through the speakers and you come alive! I have yet to meet a person (with the right amount of liquid courage) who has hit the rox dance floor and not had the time of their life!! If you follow me on snap chat than you have more than likely seen this occurrence. My phone is filled with videos on videos of people at the rox. Even the most rhythmically challenged will get a good head bob to Totos “Africa”.

You can usually find me elbow dancing in the corner…What is elbow dancing you ask? Why it’s this nice move I have developed that is effective yet groovy. But Amanda why do you need to be effective on the dance floor? BECAUSE GUYS ARE CREEPY AF. I guess that’s what I get for dancing the night away in a sketchy neon lit basement…

So on Sunday after sleeping until about 4pm and only rising to get ramen I got hit with the very real reality that someone in my home town had passed away. While I wasn’t close with the person at all, it still hit me very hard. Mostly because it was someone so close to my age and it was so sudden. My heart Monday felt very heavy. Adding to this feeling even more I unintentionally walked through a cemetery Monday evening! Life has a weird way of being coincidental like that. What was incredible was that I caught the cemetery right at sunset and got some pretty awesome shots.


Call someone and tell them you love them❤️❤️❤️