Pugs, pizza, and Polaroids 

So one weekend I’m in NYC, bundled up in gloves and peacoat watching a Broadway show. Then, this past weekend I was getting a tan and sleeping in a tent. You just gotta love the opposites of spring time.

This weekend I got to  listen to some awesome music at Okeechobee Music Festival in Florida.

While also getting massive, nasty, tear jerking blisters on my feet.

While also laughing the day away with my friends for 3 uninterrupted days.

While also not showering.

While also eating delicious pizza and drinking beer all day.

If you can’t tell I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship when it comes to music festivals.

Yes you are exhausted, dirty, tired (and if your me you idiotically wear brand new shoes the first day and your feet end up looking like something out of black swan days later) but you meet amazing people, listen to incredible music, and make memories you will never forget.

While this weekend was an amazing roller coaster I think it can be  simply summed up with 3 P’s:
1. Pizza: If you know me then you know this was obviously involved. While this weekend we were much more prepared at our campsite in terms of food (we graduated to a grill and stove, we even had a tea kettle!), there is just something about pizza at a music festival that I can’t resist. It’s probably the insasiable hunger I get from ten plus hours of dancing or the cheesy goodness. Either way it was 🔥🔥🔥


2. Pugs: Again if you know me (or follow me on snap chat) then you know I love pugs. Not only do my parents have one named Balotelli (yes like the Italian soccer player) but I am a huge fan of Doug the Pug. So much so that no only did my outfits this weekend consist of this rolley, wrinkled joy but I even made a totem of a Pug (if you have never been to a music festival totems are flags or large posters that allow to find your friends, aka like the most clutch invention ever made). Not only is it efficient but come one who could not be happy looking at that little love pug?!?!


(Yes lol me eating pizza obviously….)

(It says “Is it pronounced ‘Dead mow five’ #kanyeforprez” and yes I made it from a Valentine’s Day card I bought an 90% off)

3. Polaroid: Now unlike the other two P’s, this is one thing that is actually completely new for me. I took a leap this weekend and decided to test out throwing it back to an old school kind of photography. Today we I am so quick to just snap a pic on my phone that I don’t really take the time to stop and truly take in the photo. What I loved about having the Polaroid was that it made me pause and really focus on the image I wanted to capture. Something about it just felt so personal and made me feel really connected to those who I was capturing. I can’t wait to get better at actually taking the pictures so everyone can enjoy the joy I felt when taking some of these. 


Okeechobee 2016 you have stolen my heart ❤️🌀✌🏼️