Packing for “camping”

When I was growing up I never went to summer camp and my idea of “camping” was setting up a fort in my living room, so least to say sleeping in a tent for four nights is not typically my idea of fun. But shockingly (yes I myself am even shocked) I love going to music festival especially those that I can camp at! My first festival spent camping was a shit show to say the least. I stepped on a red ant hill, we ate only pb&js, and we’re ready to go home to our real beds before it was even close to being done. But now on the eve of my 4th I feel like I have somewhat mastered the art of packing for four days of music and tents.

This is only a fraction of what’s in my bag (well one of my 4; I brought two duffles, a backpack, and a large cooler). I figured I would just give you all a little bit of a taste of what types of things I bring to a festival in order to survive the elements.

First: all the comfy clothes. While a lot of time is spent in the actual stage areas dancing, there is a lot of downtime spent around the campsite hanging out with your friends, recovering from the day before, and powering up for the day ahead.


Can you tell I really like garnet and black? And if I wasn’t repping South Carolina enough, yes that is my football jersey and yes it is the comfiest thing ever to sleep in #gococks

Now for the #ootd

Yes that last one is a pikachu onesie and bead bracket making supplies.

Finally in addition to a tent, an air mattress, sheets, various food items and other various accessories, there are a lot of random items that are necessary for surviving camping in the woods. Here are a few hygiene items that I did not have my first few camping festivals that changed my life.

1. Not your mothers dry shampoo- seriously not just any dry shampoo! This is the best brand I have found out there.

2. Simple eye make up remover- I have really sensitive skin and these are the only wipes that don’t give me a rash and it works excellent at taking off thick liquid eye liner

3. Ear plugs and face mask- if you want to get any sleep at night these are essential. The campsite will be loud round the clock.

4. Bandana- this has like a 1,000 uses. It’s a towel, hair accessory, blanket, and everything in between.

5. Summer’s eve lady towelettes- trust me ladies your gonna need these.

6. No rinse bathing wipes- seriously the best!! The closest thing you are going to get to a shower without actually paying for it or dumping freezing water on yourself.

Wish me luck as I enter the portal of Okeechobee Music Festical in Florida for the weekend! Only 7 more hours of driving to go 😁