So I wrote this post about packing at the airport but when I arrived in NY I realized I didn’t pack pajamas #oops 😂 At first I was too embarrassed but since I already did the work I figure I’d still post with some edits. Good thing gym clothes are so comfy

Anyways, here is what I originally wrote from the airport: After two months, It feels good to be back in the bustle of the airport.

It’s especially good to be back in the bustle and feel like an experienced traveler (or so I thought). I have never considered myself a minimalists but for some reason when I travel it’s like a game for me: what’s the least I can bring while still feeling trendy and prepared (1/2 accomplished). 

The greatest tool I have gained over the past year: learning to with the European style of care free outfit repeating #yolo.
But even with this  attitude, the hardest thing for me still to trim down is shoes. I just have so many different needs! Work, fancy dinners, gym, walking tour, broadway shows, beach, the list of possible activities is endless! For this four night trip to New York I some how managed to narrowed it down to three:   


  1. White high top converse (great for flying, walking around the city, and hipster bars)
  2. Black Tommy Hilfiger heeled booties (great for the office, nice dinners, and Broadway shoes)
  3. Nike running shoes (great for attempting to not to be a fatass while traveling) 

What I packed:   

For fancy dinners and Broadway: 

  • 2 dresses 

 Day outfits:

  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 demon shirt (no I will not be wearing a Canadian tuxedo)
  • 1 silk shirt (for if I go into the office on Friday)
  • Chunky sweater
  • 2 tanks 

Originally for working out (but now pjs)

  • 1 pair of legging capris 
  • 1 long sleeve shirt 
  • 1 workout tank 

Obvious undergarments

  • 7 pairs of underwear (2 per day plus an extra because you can never have too much of this)
  • 1 regular bra
  • 1 sports bra
  • 1 pair of tights 

In addition to what I wore on the plane:

  • Striped long sleeve top
  • Maroon jeans
  • Black scarf 
  • Black peacoat 


After writing this I was like so proud of myself, I was like “Go me, I packed light. I have many outfit options. I even brought gym clothes and have space to go shopping in the city”. I was feeling like such a #boss at the airport. And then BAM reality check.