Saturdays down South

  What’s a gamecock? As the great Ricky Bobby once said in Talladega Nights “It’s like  spanish word for fighting chicken with those claws”.
The University of South Carolina was first put on to my map for being #1 in International Business (yes that’s why I moved 3,000 miles away from home for college). and while I knew they had a football team, I didn’t realize that I was going to a football school- as in the entire town shuts down almost every Saturday in the fall and doesn’t function normal again until the season is over. 
Thankfully, I was blessed with attending USC during their best four years of football (two 11 win season, beating bama at #1, and never losing to clemson) so excuse my depression as I cope to terms with not only our losing season but with the pain of the old Head Ball Coach leaving (oh and lets top it off with clemsux having like the best season of all times).

While I love galavanting around the country I love living in Charlotte during football season (especially when the season open is at BofA stadium). For those of you that don’t know here’s a little breakdown at what happens Saturdays down South:

We get dressed up

Yes- polos, black dresses, and cowboy boots are all staples when it comes to gameday attire.

The day usually stars with me in the trunk of a car #shortpeopleproblemz

But then quickly escalates to me being on top of truck

There’s always that one kid who hoists a keg over his head

I pretend like I’m still in college 

And occasionally I put my beer down to take some cool pictures:


We may not be the best team out there but where else can you yell “COCKS” at the top of your lungs and it be completely acceptable? #numberonetailgatingteam