Whatever forever

Started after bringing a chipotle burrito through airport security because #guacislife. Apologies that it’s taken me a couple weeks to actually finish another post, but let’s time travel back to the last weekend of August:

So after weeks of flying in and out of O’hare and seeing the city from a distance I finally made the trek from the burbs into chi town. 

Confession time: I pretty much only ventured in because of one simple fact, I LOVE THE MOWGLIS. Like I’m talking total fan girl in the crowd with a bunch of teenagers and their moms singing along to every song kind of love. So much so I not only stayed in Chicago just see them but ended up seeing to see them THREE times over the course of the weekend. And this was not my first nor will it be my last time seeing them #totalfangirl

  My love for them began thanks to my little brother who showed me “Great Divide” and the rest is history. While I was making trips for interviews senior year of college I played their album on repeat as I drove around pondering what to do with the next chapter of my life. I really connected to not only their upbeat melodies but their thoughts about love and their outlook that things always get better. In this crazy crazy world we live in,  who wouldn’t love a band with the message “We’re The Mowgli’s, and we believe love can change the world”. 

And it has at least changed my world. Everyday we love and we lose but we all shine through the dark and that’s just what they sing about. Call me a optimist, call me a romantic but I’m  “in love with love and the idea of something binding us together. You know that love is strong enough” Because we should all be kids in love with this crazy life we’re living and nothing solidified that more to me than the pure bliss I felt dancing in the rain in the heart of Chicago to the Mowglis live. 

Oh did I mention, I also got to meet them?! And causally hangout and find out that they are just as cool as their songs?! Because yeah that totally happened ☺️ 


And I even recruited two new fans who not only saw the shows with me but are awesome mustachiod coworkers that showed me some awesome local sites.  Now in the effort of being 100% up front let me preface these pictures with the honest confession that I am not adventurous. Sure I don’t mind going to foreign countries and staying with strangers (I call them host families) or eating guinea pig or other unusual delicacies but it it very unlikely you will see me jumping off of cliffs or hiking into the unknown (aka sketchy abandoned silos). Let’s just say as a kid I spent a lot more time reading books in my room or on AOL instant messenger than I did scraping up my knees running around outside (cue eye roll of every non millennial reading this). I was also the kid who was more down to build a sand castle on the beach then actually go swim in the ocean. What can I say? I like the simple, safe things in life! 

However, in recent times I have tried harder to get outside my comfort zone and while you will not see me climbing on any ropes outside the building (see below) 

  I have been getting better at becoming more adventurous. My weekend in Chicago started with checking out an abondoned silo and me playing the part of amateur photographer- 

And of course what adventure is complete without a reward of meat   

 I think Ron Swanson pretty much nails how I feel. But yes, that is candied bacon on top of a pbr #GAMECHANGER

But that was not the only life changing food I got to enjoy. Saturday I got to taste the greatness that is a chicken and waffle sandwich. You heard me, DELICIOUS FRIED GOODNESS IN A PORTABLE FASHION aka dangerous.  

 Since I was attempting to eat my way through the city I tried to be sure to walk off as many calories as possible while also stopping and attempting to take cool photos. I even took the time to attempt to edit them as well, thank you aviary app! Also thank you to Peter for bearing with me as I stop every 5 seconds to be a complete tourist and take a picture. And sometimes stopping in the middle of the road to take a selfie  











YOU GO GLEN COCO! Thank you for making it to the end I know that was a long one, you da real MVP if ya reading this!

Now I’m off to tomorrowworld✌️