Charlotte’s got a lot

Written on the way to NYC after a casual two hour delay due to air traffic control (wtf, mate?!)

So believe it or not but I do actually have a home, and not one where my parents are my roommates. But a real apartment where I keep all my stuff including a bed I occasionally sleep in! Shocking I know! 
And even more shocking I come home more than just to change out my clothes and do my laundry. While I love to travel and see new things/old friends I also love living in Charlotte. Because like they say “charlotte’s got a lot” (and more than that’s pictured in the ad below).

The two main things Charlotte has (well the two I enjoy the most of) are food and dancing. 


Fun fact: Every morning I wake up to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston, because that song is MY JAM. Another fun fact: I love a good dance battle 

While I could into great detail about some of my favorite boogey spots in Charlotte (and don’t worry I will in a future post), this weekend brought a special addition of Where’s Amanda’s Groove At? Friday night I put on my cowboy boots and two stepped at country concert. Shout out to Florida Georgia Line for killing it and to these shirtless cowboys for providing the perfect backdrop-

Not only did I take my groove outdoors, but on the road as well. To get to and from the concert we took a party bus #GAMECHANGER. Nothing makes you feel alive quite like flying down the freeway in neon lit bus screaming the words to “Don’t Stop Believing” at the top of your lungs with total strangers #yolo 

*disclaimer: I did not ball out to get this bus, this awesome group in Charlotte organizes these buses to concerts at this venue, hence the random strangers. Shout out to Rock House events for providing an affordable and safe ride. But more importantly, thanks for the beers and jams along the way.


SO I love pizza, like a lot. Like a lot a lot actually. Some may even say my strongest relationship. Basically Bae (pizza) and I had a wonderful weekend together ❤

Here is me and bae reunited with my bed Thursday night after dancing the night away at Howl at the moon:

An artsy shot of bae and I tailgating before the Florida Georgia Line concert on Friday:

And finally a video of bae getting delivered to poolside Saturday: 

But don’t worry pizza isn’t my only true love, so are breakfast burritos. And any staple of a weekend in Charlotte involves a morning trip to Phat burrito. Sometimes a trip two mornings in a row: 

Finally Sunday ended with a venture out of the norm to a ramen place. Coming from a child who’s first thing she learned to cook was top ramen, I have to say I am really pleased with the big things ramen is doing for itself these days. 
More impressive was this location (No I did not just set this board up for the photo, I actually played a game): 

Like I said, Charlotte’s got a lot 🙂