Nashville: the 9th wheel of the world

Currently written from my iPhone after a 12 hour work day at a table for one in the hotel restaurant due to a broken door. May I also add I just stuffed a 10oz burger into my face (BBQ dripping and all) as hot, rich business guys walked out of the back meeting rooms. As my brother would say the #struglife continues….

Now to the good stuff! A boring two days back in Lombard, IL is more than worth the amazing weekend I had visiting an old friend in Nashville. The city of music is everything I had hoped and dreamed for. What made it even better was the people I got to share it with, even if I was the 9th wheel for the most part.

But Amanda how does one become a 9th wheel? EASIER THAN YOU THINK. Trust me, no matter who you are. No matter where you are. Whether you are single or not, everyone is subject to odd-wheeling. Since most only have to worry about 3rd wheeling here are 3 things I have learned from my weekend of feeling single AF:

Let’s face it, you’re not kidding anyone. Everyone can count (I would hope) at least up to three and they all can tell there is no sisterwives action going on. So just know, yes everyone can tell you are the odd wheel. LIVE IT UP! There were so many times this weekend I dramatically called out whatever wheel I was. As seen and heard in my various snap chats. Here’s one in case you missed it: 

This weekend also provided me with number of #reasonswhyI’msingle thoughts. For example:

     not having to share my food (or drinks) #reasonswhyI’msingle

  no sweaty palms #reasonswhyI’msingle

  dogs are much better cuddlers #reasonswhyI’msingle

To be honest, whether I am single or not I love to dance by myself (just ask my roommate). It’s not unusual to see me, elbows out, spinning in a cirlce, in a corner, or in a booth getting my solo groove on. When you go out dancing with your couple friends you have two choices: dance alone or find a partner. The best thing I learned this weekend is just because everyone has a partner does not mean you need one. YOU ARE A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN WHO DONT NEED NO MAN!!! Seriously, you do you booboo! But in the rare once in a blue moon occasion a hottie comes around and IS NOT CREEPY (double rare) then GIRL GO DO YOUR THANG! 


“A skill if not mastered will sink your social status quicker than the titanic”

  Hopefully I am correct in believing that I blended in this picture full of couples 🙂

All jokes aside I had a great time in Nashville. I got to stay with one of my oldest college friends Sam (See below a major throwback from the beginning of frehsman year).

Also shout out to him for making his first sale last week on only day 2 of his new job, WOOP WOOP! The weekend was mostly spent by the pool with burgers and beers but here are some amateur photos from our day of adventuring around the city. May I also add that Sam chose to wear a blue tye die Cleveland bucket hat AND rent a bike that he rode while singing “I can ride my bike with no handle bars”. Random strangers appreciated the scene almost as much as I did. Can you tell why we’re friends?!