So what exactly do you do?

If you follow me on any social media, aka have seen my 100+ second stories on snap chats, then you have probably asked yourself one of two questions:

1. What city is she in now?

2. What does she do for a living?

While the answer to the first varies throughout the week, I can attempt to give a steady answer for the second. But this blog is all about travels, so it’s only fitting that I start with the journey of how I got where I am today.

Watch out this is about to get very meta on everyone, but this story starts with almost this exact view a year ago: 


Isn’t crazy how you can do the same things year to year yet be completely different person each time? 

This is the 10th year I’ve helped my parents run this soccer tournament and while 13 year old me is vastly different than 23 year me (sans braces and no awkward middle part); even 22 year old me was so different from who I am today. YES, I do realize how ridiculous talking so reflectively at this young age may seem; but I would beg to argue that the transition to the real world from college is one of the most transformative experiences I have had thus far.  And I went 3,000 miles away for college!


(Sorry no awkward pre-teen picstitch in this post) But the metaphorical left side of this imaginary picstitch starts August 2014. Post grad Amanda, studying for the Series 7, getting ready to start her first real world job at a mutual fund company. Well you know how they say all that glitters aint gold? Boy oh boy did I find out that’s the truth! There’s nothing worse that working in an environment where you feel everyone around you has given up. Any place that tells me to “do less” is just not a place I can last very long. So in true millenial fashion, I did not last a year at my first job out of college. While I hate to be a cliche, sometimes you just need to get out of a bad situation. 

Fast forward to the awesome, glamorous braces-free right side of this picstictch to me now! August 2015 Amanda, traveling around the country, and working in a challenging and stimulating career. And yes I say career because I believe when you find something that fits, it’s a career not a job. To give you some niddy gritty details: I specifically work in risk and complaince consulting. I have mostly been working in the home mortgage space with some of the countries largest banks ensuring that they are complaint across a variety of regulations (thank you subprime crisis). So my day job might not be the most exciting thing but I work for an innovative company that stimulates my personal growth (something my old company completely lacked).  Yes I realize how much of a line that is but I had to sounds like a yopro at some point in this post. 

I get what you do, but where are you?

Here’s the low down of my cross country life: I was born and raised in Sacramento (Elk Grove), California where my family (and star of my snap chat Balotelli, see below) still live; I went to college at the University of South Carolina (#1 International Business Program led me to pack up and move across country for college); now have an apartment in Charlotte, NC (an hour north of where I went to school); and am currently working during the week in Chicago (Lombard), IL.

Since Monday-Thursday I am in Chicago; I have a paid flight to Charlotte covered every weekend. However, if I find something within the same price, I essentially have a ticket to anywhere I choose. And trust me I take full advantage of that. Last weekend snuggles in Sacramento, during the week work in good old Lombard, next weekend Nashville for the first time!

I mean, look at those wrinkles!